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Mercedes Benz Superdome

The Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans is world renowned. It’s the largest fixed domed structure in the world and has been the home of the New Orleans Saints and the Sugar Bowl for many years, as well as being a recipient of The NFL’s premier game; The Super Bowl. This incredible structure opened in 1975 and had been known for years as simply “the...

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Outside Air Loads

HVAC and process heating/cooling must deal with the added tonnage created by using fresh air from outside. Most times, the requirement for fresh air is mandatory and can go from 10% all the way to 100 % of the system air flow. There are numerous rules and regulations written to eliminate air flow quality problems, including bacteria and other micro-organisms, that can cause health problems....

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Modular Air Handlers

  For years, owners have looked at dilapidated, rusted out air handling units in their mechanical rooms and thought, “If I could only get rid of this old unit and replace it with a newer, more sophisticated design.” This is possible, provided you stop listening to the usual pitch by those who tell you to rehabilitate the old unit. After rehabilitation, you are still left with...

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