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FinKote2 is the premium HVAC Coil coating option in the industry. Years of ineffectual coatings in the HVAC market prompted the development of the FinKote as a way to address those shortcomings. FinKote is a high edge e-coating system that effectively bonds microchannel and tube and fin coils in AC. Aluminum, copper, and steel coils can now be protected from corrosion, particularly in cases of high UV exposure, coastal installations, and offshore projects – anywhere with a highly abrasive environment that will cause premature wear on coils. FinLote2 is the most advanced currently available e-coat coil coating system in the HVAC industry. 


Anti-Microbial Coil Coating

• Dramatically Reduces the Growth of
Germs On Surface
• 99% Effective Against Mold, Mildew,
E Coli, H1N1 and MRSA
• Permanently Bonded To The Surface
• Destroys Microorganisms by Attacking
the Cell Membrane


Extreme Protection Coil Coating 

FinkoteZx, a multi-layered coating process designed to withstand the world’s most challenging applications. Food processing plants, wastewater treatment facilities, airports, and refineries are locations where the extreme chemical attack occurs. FinkoteZx custom formulates a coil coating package
designed to meet the chemical resistance requirements of the location. NSF-51 Certified and FDA compliant top coats available.

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