FinKote2 Coil Coating

FinKote2 is the premium coating system for the HVAC industry. Years of ineffectual coatings in the HVAC market prompted the development of FinKote2 as a way of addressing the shortcomings. FinKote2’s high edge build e-coat effectively bonds to microchannel and tube and fin coils in AC units. Aluminum, copper, and steel coils are protected from corrosion, particularly coastal installations, and offshore projects, or anywhere environmental corrosion will cause premature failure of the coil. FinKote2 is the most technically advanced process available in the HVAC industry today.

The FinKote2 coating has shown to be the best option on the market for schools, hospitals, processing plants, airports, and many other commercial applications. Its chemical bond and durability make it compatible with all kinds of surfaces, materials, and manufacturing processes. 

Anti-Microbial Coating

How It Works

To start the process, a weak oxide layer that has formed on the bare aluminum surface needs to be removed. Heated alkaline cleaning is utilized to remove the oxide film and residual process lubricants.  After cleaning, a neutral ph rinse is needed to stabilize the surface. An immersion application process deposits the zirconium oxide layer onto the coil surface. A conversion layer forms (nano-film build) on the surface providing improved fin edge build and adhesion. Zirconium corrosion resistance has been tested as a stand-alone material, showing improved protection. Over time, when a fin becomes exposed to the atmosphere, (micro-cracking from thermal movement, abrasion from airborne contaminants) the bond strength of the coating will be greatly diminished without a pretreatment, allowing for creep-back to occur.

After pretreatment, coils pass-through multiple rinse tanks to ensure a neutral ph surface. With our patented ZNET technology, film build is controlled to +- .0002. Anode control ensures no bridging and 100% coated to the center. Post rinse before curing ensures no loose material is left on the surface, contributing to an even film build. The final stage is an oven cure. Axalta E-coat material is a lower temperature cure (355F) than other E-coats on the market.

Ecoat 3 – 10 stage Manual Hoist Transfer System

Coating Process


Parts are cleaned and pretreated with a conversion coating to prepare the part for electro-coating. This process guarantees a perfect final coat that is able to withstand corrosive environments where conventional coils would break down and fail.


Every coil and all its parts are rinsed to reclaim deposited paint solids, ensuring a perfect coating with no leftover residue or product waist. Any debris or foreign material could effect performance and result in possible system failure. Perfection and complete customer satisfaction is our number one priority.


Direct current is applied between the parts and an electrode. Paint is attracted by the electric field to the part where the current is deposited. This process allows for a durable and longer lasting bond that is optimal for areas that are unable to be painted conventionally.


Paint is thermally cross-linked and cured to the surface. Our curing process allows for a total dry and hardened exterior in a short period of time. With the heat application and curing process you can rest assured that your coating will provide adequate protection and increase longevity.

Performance Testing


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