‘Tis the Season for Coil Emergencies


‘Tis the Season for Coil Emergencies


Around Christmas and New Year’s is always the busiest time of the year for all of us. It’s truly the best time of year to share with those we care about; enjoying shopping, family time, and holiday parties. The down side is that vacations and time off over these holidays leaves most companies with skeleton crews to monitor building HVAC systems. USA Coil wants to remind you that during this busy time of the year, we are here to assist you in the event of a coil freeze.


A freeze event is simply hot water (dormant or operating), chilled water, or steam heating coil wherein the fluid stops circulating in the coil. With outside air temperatures well below freezing, it only takes a minute or two to have coil freeze damage. Pump circulation failures, freeze-stat malfunctions, inoperative outside air dampers, or total power failures are just a few of the reasons for a coil freeze.


The problem is usually recognized in a facility when the system produces cold air. A short investigation leads to the shutdown of a coil in the system. You can probably see the leaks and may be able to repair a return bend or two, but most times there are leaks all over the coil and repair is impossible. This is now a true emergency.


USA Coil & Air can help you by calling 1-800-USA-COIL or calling one of our representatives throughout the United States. You can also contact us at sales@usacoil.com. It’s very helpful to have the manufacturer’s name and the model numbers of both the coil and the unit. We will guide you through the process if that minimal information is not enough to furnish you with a quote, and/or we are unable to build the coil(s). It may be necessary for you to measure the coil(s), take pictures, or have our representative come out for a total evaluation. We will handle this inquiry with the speed required based on the emergency at hand. It’s our business, and we have over 5 decades of knowledge and experience with these types of emergencies.


What can we offer?


If it’s not an extreme emergency (because you patched the coil, etc.), then our standard shipment is 4 weeks lead time. We always include common motor freight with all our quotes. On an expedited basis, we also offer standard 5 and 10 working day shipments. The next working day after the order is entered is considered the first working day. For example:  You enter a 5 working day shipment order on a Tuesday. Wednesday is the first working day. We guarantee it will ship from our plant the following Tuesday. Before the order is ever entered, you will know when the coil will ship. We have a success rate of 98.5% on expedited shipments, so you can be assured an order entered will be an order shipped on time.


We also have 4, 3 , 2, and even 1 working day shipments available based on plant capability at the time of inquiry. Call us for one of these emergency shipment schedules.


All orders must have a written confirmation to be considered an order, and all aspects of the coil to be built must be known and approved. If you are a first-time customer or there is a credit problem, it is imperative that you answer all questions in an expedient manner. We won’t be responsible for orders being held up for credit reasons.


“Delivery”- a very important aspect of this process.


As stated above, we include standard motor or UPS freight with all our quotes. However, the number of estimated calendar delivery days by “standard” means the order may not be delivered fast enough based on the emergency at hand. USA Coil handles many orders that require special delivery options after shipment; i.e., straight through trucks, red tag freight service, or air freight if required to meet emergency situations. Here’s the proper procedure:


  • Enter a written order for the coil and standard freight included in the quote.
  • Immediately order for the expedited shipment so the final shipment is not delayed.
  • Contact us regarding the schedule you will need for actual delivery and we will work on alternative transportation to meet your needs.
  • We’ll get back to you in writing with the alternative(s), and if one of them meets your needs, sign this written communication and the existing order is considered amended.


USA Coil & Air has been in business for five decades and expediting coils for an emergency is second nature to us. If you are caught during the holidays, or any other time, with an emergency, we’re the place to come for your new coil.



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