How to Get Your Replacement Coils Delivered on Time

How to Get Your Replacement Coils Delivered on Time

Replacement coils are different than most parts of an air conditioning or heating system. By and large, replacement coils are not in stock and will need to be fabricated. You can select thermostats, valves, fan parts and even compressors in stock – but rarely an HVAC coil. This separates the men from the boys in our industry. Today, there are a lot of alternatives available to replace coils – but how many actually have a successful history and a precise system to deal with the demanding requirements of coil replacement. There is a lot more to coil replacement than measuring and building. Over five decades, we have found that 70% of the time the most important aspect of a coil order is on time delivery – when you need it! Let’s look at how we can expedite this process to your benefit.


It may surprise you to know that over 40% of our quotes were quoted in a time frame that would easily have met the delivery schedule required on the quote using “standard” shipment (normally 4 to 5 weeks). For a multitude of reasons, including clerical and financial errors, these orders end up incurring additional expenses required to expedite the coils on our 5 or 10 working day schedule. It didn’t need to happen this way, but it’s often the way it is in our industry. Many times, an owner is hoping to have a coil make it through the operating season – which often doesn’t happen – or a request for funds is delayed and sometimes ignored until it becomes a critical replacement situation.


Once the replacement coils need to be expedited, it’s imperative for the coil supplier to understand the final goal. As in football, it isn’t about first downs. It’s about scoring a touchdown. In this case, a panic-induced requirement is all about final delivery of a quality product that meets the requirements of dimensions, performance, and construction – with no room for error. Our Sales Engineers and Expediting Department act immediately at the time of inquiry. The clock is running the moment an expedited request takes place. All aspects – evaluation, measurements, and quote – need to be accurate and efficient – with in-depth discussions regarding shipping details and schedules, mode of transportation, facility and/or special delivery requirements, and follow through if problems occur along the way. Communication is the key to a successful, on-time delivery. Once an expedited order has been submitted, all parties need to be aware of the specific elements of the contract at hand. We specify in detail the number of working days before shipment. The day an order is entered, the next working day is considered the first working day. If it’s one of our expedited schedules – 5 or 10 working days – we will ship on or before that number of days. At times, we are early, but the contract states a known date based on the formula.


We can’t guarantee delivery, but we can work with you at the time of production to provide multiple methods to meet your delivery schedules. Depending on the situation, it could be land freight, air freight, or one or two man straight through land delivery. Over many decades, we have used them all. Along with our expedited schedules – 5 or 10 working day shipments – we can also provide 4, 3 and 2 working day expedited schedules. USA Coil & Air has also expended considerable time and money over the years to develop the best crating in our industry. Coils are a vulnerable product, and our crating has the least chance of damage during the shipping process. Our crates also have the unique ability to be disassembled for the required coating and then reassembled and delivered without incidence.


We aren’t perfect – but we do consistently strive for excellence. Put our decades of knowledge and experience to work for you!

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