UVC Light for HVAC

UVC Light For HVAC

Every building can benefit from ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI). Installing a Fresh-Aire- UV UVGI system can result in significant energy and maintenance savings. UVC light for HVAC systems also has been proven to improve indoor air quality for building occupants by reducing airborne biological contaminants and toxic VOCs. We offer practical solutions for all industrial, medical, retail, corporate, and hospitality applications.

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UVC Light For HVAC


UVC Light For HVAC

  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Reduce Maintenance & Cleaning
  • Eliminate Mold, Bacteria & Viruses in the HVAC System

  • Maintain Peak System Efficiency
  • Cut Airborne Biohazards
  • Reduce Ice Machine Maintenance

Benefits and Applications Of UVC Light For HVAC


Coil Disinfection

UVGI is proven to sterilize cooling coils continuously, 24/7, safely, and cost-effectively. The Fresh-Aire UV Commercial Series Standard “L” System, Tubular Rack System, and APCO Rack System are all designed to stop biological fouling on the coils and will quickly pay for themselves in energy and maintenance savings.
UVC Light For HVAC

Airborne Disinfection

This product is ideal for hospitals and other applications where airborne germicidal disinfection is a priority. UVC Light is installed in HVAC ducts to maximize exposure time with the air. Because exposure to surface materials is limited, this system uses our high-output 32″ UV lamps for the maximum airborne kill. Choose grid or radial configuration. More lamps can be added as needed depending on duct size and length.
UVC Light For HVAC

Small Systems

The Fresh-Aire UV Tight-Fit Kit makes it possible to realize all the benefits of germicidal UV light in limited space applications, including most of the fan coil units and PTACs found on the market today. The kit provides a means for locating the UV light within these units for optimum UV exposure, particularly where space is limited.
UVC Light For HVAC

Odor/VOC Reduction

APCO technology from Fresh-Aire UV, which was initially developed for residential whole-house duct mounted air purifiers, has been adapted for larger commercial systems with the APCO Rack System. This award-winning technology uses a unique combination of UV-C light, activated carbon, and titanium dioxide to safely adsorb and neutralize VOC molecules in the air as it passes through the HVAC system. APCO technology produces no ozone. For smaller systems consider a duct-mounted APCO system Residential APCO page.
UVC Light For HVAC

Room Disinfection

The Environmental Surface Disinfection System uses germicidal UV-C light to disinfect room surfaces when the area is unoccupied. The UVGI system features overhead mounted high-output germicidal UV-C light fixtures. Each unit comes with an internal electronic power supply and door interlock safety switches. The Fresh-Aire UV lamps included with ESDS are of the highest quality hard quartz and are encased in a shatter-proof Teflon safety coating. Features a metal fixture with enclosed 120 or 230 VAC power supply, 1 or 2 high-output 12000 hour UV-C lamps. One or two lamp models are available
UVC Light For HVAC

Infectious Diseases

An Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation or UVGI system (UV-C lights installed inside a buildings air handler and/or ducts) offers a proven and cost-effective method of sterilizing airborne pathogens. UVGI systems can also often pay for themselves by improving air system efficiency and reducing the costs of maintenance. They also generally improve indoor air quality for building occupants.

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