Sectional Coils

Outside Air Loads

HVAC and process heating/cooling must deal with the added tonnage created by using fresh air from outside. Most times, the requirement for fresh air is mandatory and can go from 10% all the way to 100 % of the system air flow. There are numerous rules and regulations written to eliminate air flow quality problems, including bacteria and other micro-organisms, that can cause health problems....

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Replacement Coils

Coil replacement has been a part of the HVAC aftermarket for as long as finned tube coils have been used to create heat transfer. The coils installed in the 50’s and 60’s were heavier duty than today’s coils and were almost always spiral fin type with a tension wound fin onto copper tubes.  The plate fin didn’t become prevalent until the mid-60’s. By the end...

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Many heating and cooling coils are installed in air handling units with very limited access to the unit. This often occurs because the original designer didn’t give much thought to possible future replacement of the coils and fans.  We have all seen ductwork, electric lines, water lines, boilers, chillers, pumps and other air handlers where it’s impossible to install a new coil. The pull length...

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