February 2019

Dirty Coil

Finned tube coils are meant to have contact with the air flow, as more contact creates more heat transfer. Heat transfer is nothing more than heat exchanged from one medium to another, and the goal is to create maximum heat transfer efficiency. The downside to this process is the coil’s susceptibility to foreign materials becoming lodged in them. The following explores this problem in a...

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Booster Coil

Many projects require downstream duct mounted coils to heat or cool air to its final desired temperature. Normally there are upstream coils that regulate the leaving air temperature to a design intermediate level. The duct coil takes the air from that intermediate level to its final desired temperature. Many systems can vary the air flow or water volume to achieve a desired leaving air temperature...

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Outside Air Loads

HVAC and process heating/cooling must deal with the added tonnage created by using fresh air from outside. Most times, the requirement for fresh air is mandatory and can go from 10% all the way to 100 % of the system air flow. There are numerous rules and regulations written to eliminate air flow quality problems, including bacteria and other micro-organisms, that can cause health problems....

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