January 2017


If you’re in the HVAC industry, then you’ve been involved in projects and installations that have duct mounted booster heating coils.  How did the term “booster” originate?  Most heating coil applications have a main heating coil that takes air from the lowest entering air temperature to an intermediate air temperature.  Each individual space has its own heat load, and the duct mounted booster coil is...

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Pinholes inside tubes-820x450

Situation:  Fourteen-year old steam coils with no previous leaks suddenly develop multiple leaks over the following two or three years – in some cases so many that they can no longer be repaired.  The owner thinks the coils have worn out and that new replacement coils will last approximately as long as the original coils.  To everyone’s surprise, the replacement coils begin to have the...

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Fluid Coil-820x450

Replacement coils are different than most parts of an air conditioning or heating system. By and large, replacement coils are not in stock and will need to be fabricated. You can select thermostats, valves, fan parts and even compressors in stock – but rarely an HVAC coil. This separates the men from the boys in our industry. Today, there are a lot of alternatives available...

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